The word "scrying", comes from the Anglo Saxon 'descry' which today is taken to mean 'reveal'. To scry or descry is to spy out or discover by the eye objects at a distance. In occult literature, the term is used to describe the act of gazing at a shiny stone or mirror or into a crystal ball (anything which reflects will do), to see things past and future. (When a crystal is used, scrying is known as catoptromancy or crystallomancy.) If one concentrates hard enough while gazing, one can conjure up visions because scrying clears out the consciousness and opens a direct line to the world beyond.

Traditional scrying is usually associated with rituals - blessing the tool and asking for help in its use. This all helps as a focus and to tune yourself in. Preparation is as important as the actual scrying because it makes the act easier. It prepares your mind and opens up channels that allow you to work better.

The first step is to pick out something that you wish to use.  There are many choices.  There are a wide range of items that can be used. Anything from from the simplest clear glass filled with water (either colored water or clear) to an expensive clear crystal sphere, and many variations in between such as a mirror, or a piece of black-painted glass. Use what feels right for you. I've bought myself a small crystal sphere.

Some disciplines talk about a consecration ritual before scrying.  From a practical standpoint this makes sense. You need to put your subconscious mind in the proper state. You can do this either through ritual or meditation. 

Do whatever is necessary to induce a state of altered awareness.  Dim lighting is a good idea. You can even burn incense and/or play meditation music if that makes you feel more comfortable. 

Actual scrying is relatively simple :

Prepare the room: dim lighting, incense, music, etc..., whatever makes you most comfortable.

Put whatever you're using on a table at a convenient level.

Relax, either with a breathing exercise or some other muscle relaxation technique.

Look at the object in a relaxed manner, focusing just past its surface (or flame in the case of a candle).

If you blink (and you will) don't be too concerned about it.

Try to keep your mind blank, with the exception of any question you may wish to ask.

Don't push yourself past 20 minutes the first few times.

Images appear differently for each person. They may just appear, they may appear as a fog that morphs into a clear image, or simply appear as symbols of events, past, present or future. 

Practice makes perfect. If you don't succeed at first keep on trying . Experiment with different things to find what works best for you. Everyone is different and what works for one won't necessarily work for all. Don't give up, everything in life that is worthwhile takes effort.

Good luck!

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