These are merely questions that I have posed to myself. They are personal opinion, and thoughts, and should be taken as such. They are not meant to be a criticism of anyone's belief system, only to be personal musings.

I've been living in the UK for a while now, and I began wondering................
  In the UK the Queen is the head of the Church, there is no legal seperation of church and state.
  In the US there is no official religion, and there is, supposedly, a strict seperation of the two.
Is there really?

 Here in the UK, religion rarely, if ever, makes its way into politics.

  Its well and widely known here that Tony Blair is a devout Christian, yet he does not refer to it in the course of his political duties. In the US, however, a big show is made about being a Christian politician, and many Christian groups have done everything in their power to influence political decisions.

  What ever happened to James Madison's idea that " Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together" ?

  What amazes me is that a country who preaches freedom, and seperation of church and state, has so little left of the founding fathers original intent. 

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