A little about me

Hmmm, where to begin?
I was born in December.
I'm a Sagittarius.

I live in Surrey, England.

I'm the mother of two adult children.
I'm also a grandmother.

I returned to school when my children were old enough to attend school.
I graduated in 1995 with an AA in Liberal Arts (with honours),
and again in 1997 with a BA in European History (also with honours).

I'm a member of English Heritage.

I've been on the internet as "WiccanOne" since 1998,
and I'm still learning.
I'll always be learning.
I follow the Wiccan Rede, practice herbalism, candle magic,
read the Tarot cards, and Nordic runes, but I don't belong to a coven.
I don't want to join a coven,
I'm an eclectic solitary and I practice alone by choice.
What I do isn't necessarily popular with a lot of people, as it's currently a mix of Wicca
and Asatru, but that doesn't bother me.
I'm happy with who I am and what I do, and what I do works for me.

I believe that magic is neither white nor black, but simply IS

I've practiced paganism in one form or another for just about half my life.
I don't have a "craft" name. I don't feel it's
To call myself something like "Lady Windwalker Silver Myst in the Rain" would be
pretentious and just so much B.S.
The Lady and Lord know who I am and they are who I serve.
The titles Lady and Lord are reserved for the Goddess and the God alone.

Because of my Germanic heritage I have been drawn to learn more about the goddess
Freyja, and the Norse Pantheon.

I won't, as others have, call what I do "Norse Wicca" because I'm not sure there is such
a thing.

I'm not sure what I practice really has a name. My path started with Wicca,
but where it will lead I don't know.
Life is not a static thing, it evolves, you learn, you grow.
My path may change direction and circle back as I go through the rest of my life.
Who’s to know? I'll adapt and change with it.

I don't have any spells, chants, rituals or a book of shadows to share with you here.
My diary (or if you wish, my grimoire) is personal to me.
There are other sites on the web where these things can be found.

Hobbies I enjoy

I love to do counted cross stitch, its a hobby I've had for a lot of years.
I can't draw a straight line without a ruler, but I can make beautiful pictures
made up of nothing more than rows of Xs.

Getting started in Cross Stitch

Martha Beth Lewis's Needlework home page
Cross Stitching
Wonderful Stitches

I also like to weave. I had a small table loom, so I couldn't do big projects,
but it was really a great stress reliever. I also intend to learn tablet weaving,
as soon as I get the chance.

Tips & Tricks for Weaving & Spinning
All Fiber Arts
An information page for weavers, that includes some Tablet Weaving.

I taught myself to knit and crochet as a teenager, which came in handy
when I had my children. It was much cheaper making their sweaters than buying them. 

Where to Find Stitches & Techniques How-to's for Crochet
The Free Knitting Patterns Net ring

I recently renewed an interest in watercolour painting, something I haven't done
since childhood. I'm not very good at it yet, but I can paint trees that actually look like trees!

World of Watercolour
Watercolour painting
On-Line Lessons

I've recently gotten into computer graphics as well. I enjoy spending spare time making "art".
I used Bryce 5, Poser 5, and Adobe Photoshop CS version 8 to design this site.

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Causes and Charities I support

Childhelp USA®

The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

The Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Justice For Women

English Heritage

National Trust

Bluebell Preserved Railway

Mid Hants -The Watercress Line-Preserved Railway

Pendon Museum-Indoor Model Village and Railways

Defenders of Wildlife

World Wide Fund for Nature

Until There's a Cure

Freedom to Marry

Friends of the Earth



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