The Elements


The four elements are also known as the four directions or the four quarters.

These are the four directions of the compass: North, East, South and West. Each direction has its own personality, powers and magical associations. These four directions are also found on each point of the pentagram or pentacle along with a Fifth Element: Spirit (Akasha). These four elements are also called when casting a circle.

One of the most common symbols of Wicca and Witchcraft is the pentacle - the five pointed star surrounded by a circle. This symbol appears on the cover of many books on Wicca and Witchcraft. It is also a common symbol worn as a pendant or an insignia in a ring. Just as Christians ear a cross or Jews wear a Star of David, many Witches choose to wear a pentacle. The star, by itself, is called a pentagram. When it is enclosed in a circle, it is a pentacle.

The pentacle is a symbol with spiritual meaning that Witches find beautiful and comforting. According to the teachings of many traditions in Witchcraft, the universe is made up of five elements: fire, air, water, earth and spirit. All things are somehow related to one or more of these elements. Take the human body for example: our lungs represent the element of air, our blood stream symbolize water. Our flesh and bones are linked to earth, while the mind is related to fire. The soul is related to the element of spirit. Mother Earth has a similar link to the elements. The atmosphere is air, while the oceans and other bodies of water represent water. The soil and rocks symbolize earth, while the molten core of the planet is the source of her fire. Spirit is related to the Goddess herself - the consciousness of Mother Earth.

The pentagram is a symbol of the elements. The top point of the star is the element of spirit. Going clockwise around the star, the other four points represent water, fire, earth and air. Because the top point of the pentagram represents spirit, it symbolizes the importance that spirit has over the other four elements. Thus, a pentagram (and a pentacle) both stand for spirituality governing matter. The circle that surrounds the pentagram in a pentacle stands for eternity. Thus, the star represents the material world, while the circle represents the eternal cycle o time. Together, the two symbols of the pentagram represent the totality of the universe, encompassing both space and time. Because Witches see the universe as sacred (as the manifestation of the Goddess and the God), wearing a symbol of the universe itself is a reverent and spiritual thing to do. (1)







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1. McColman, Carl. "When someone you love is Wiccan". Llewellyn Publications. 2003.