Astrology is the science of the stars.The science of astronomy was born of astrology.
Astrology teaches that the planets within our solar system have special influences upon the Earth and all things upon it. In Astrology the Sun and the Moon are seen as planets. Astrology is mainly concerned with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Astrology considers the placement of the planets at the time of one's birth.It is a delineation of your personality and how you are in the world.

These planets appear to revolve constantly around the Earth at different rates of speed. The path they take is called the Zodiac. The Zodiac is divided into twelve sections named Signs. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each Sign relates to certain dates.

Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19
Libra (Scales): Sept. 23–Oct. 22
Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20
Scorpio (Scorpion): Oct. 23–Nov. 21
Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 20
Sagittarius (Centaur-Archer): Nov. 22–Dec. 21
Cancer (Crab): June 21–July 22
Capricorn (Sea-Goat): Dec. 22–Jan. 19
Leo (Lion): July 23–Aug. 22
Aquarius (Water Bearer): Jan. 20–Feb. 18
Virgo (Virgin): Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Pisces (Fish): Feb. 19–March 20


The seasonal changes were once marked by the solstices and equinoxes. It was discovered that the Sun was always in the same Sign of the Zodiac at the same time of the year. The Sun was noted as always being in Aries in the beginning of spring and just entering Cancer at the beginning of Summer.

 Finding your way around
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This explains the dates for the beginning and ending of each Sign. Since a circle is 360 degrees and each Sign is 30 degrees, it is possible to find the exact position of any planet in the Zodiac at any given time. An Ephemeris (a book of planetary tables) show the positions of any planet at any given time during any given year.

Each of the twelve Zodiac Signs has a ruling planet. Some rule more than one sign. This was discovered after years of observing the stronger influences that different planets had on different Signs.

Mars Rules the Sign of Aries
In a Natal Chart, Mars influences your physical energy, competitiveness, assertiveness and sexual drive, and indicates what you seek sexually from partners. 
The Sign Mars occupied at the time of your birth shows how you set out to get what you want; your fight or flight instinct; your conscious and unconscious motives; your sex drive; your competitive spirit; how you let off steam.The House Mars occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you seek to assert yourself; where you concentrate or scatter your energies; where you are most independent or territorial; what makes you angry. The Aspects Mars received from other planets at the time of your birth indicate whether you expend your energy positively or aggressively.
Pluto Rules the Sign of Scorpio
In Natal Charts, because Pluto spends so long in each sign, it exerts its influence on a generation (though not as important as Neptune).
The Sign Pluto occupied at the time of your birth shows how you face the need to make fundamental changes in your life; aspects of yourself that you keep hidden from view; your compulsions and obsessions; your self-destructive streak.The House Pluto occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life your compulsive side manifests itself; where issues of power arise; where you find your self-destruct button; where you feel most undermined.
Venus Rules both the Sign of Taurus and the Sign of Libra
In a Natal Chart, Venus influences the way you relate to others – both socially and economically, so can influence your attitude to love and money; Venus also indicates what you give in love.
The Sign Venus occupied at the time of your birth shows how you set out to attract others; what you expect of love; what you are like in a relationship; how you get on with others; how you react when you feel short-changed; your sense of style.The House Venus occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you can find fulfillment; where you seek pleasure; the common ground you look for in the people you meet; where your desires may be thwarted; your creative potential. Venus is generally beneficial to the planets it aspected at the time of your birth.
Jupiter Rules the Sign of Sagittarius
In a Natal Chart, Jupiter represents physical and emotional expansion, helping you develop a philosophical attitude to life and an understanding of foreign cultures and people. 
The Sign Jupiter occupied at the time of your birth indicates your expectations of life; how you search for meaning in life; your generosity of spirit; your spiritual or moral ideals; how you harness or challenge prevailing cultural beliefs.The House Jupiter occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you find a sense of purpose; what kind of experience broadens your understanding of life; where things fall into place most easily; where you take life most for granted.The Aspects Jupiter received from the other planets at the time of your birth indicate areas of your personality that will be broadened.
Mercury Rules both the Sign of Gemini and the Sign of Virgo
The Sign Mercury occupied at the time of your birth indicates your mentality; how you communicate; your powers of observation; your nervous energy; the way you access your unconscious mind; how you acquire and use knowledge and what turns you on mentally.The House Mercury occupied at the time of your birth shows what area of life stimulates your mind; what interests you; what fires your imagination; what arouses your curiosity; where you open yourself to new experiences; types of commercial activity you may become involved in.  The planets which aspected Mercury at the time of your birth are said to be intellectualised – they can sharpen your mental focus or cause tension and stress.
Saturn Rules the Sign of Capricorn
In a Natal Chart, Saturn represents authority, caution and your inner voice, and should not be ignored.
The Sign Saturn occupied at the time of your birth indicates how you respond to restriction; your fears and inner feelings of inadequacy; how you can learn to work within your limitations; qualities you need to develop to overcome shortcomings.The House Saturn occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you feel most inhibited; where you must live within your limitations; where you over compensate for feelings of inadequacy; where you have to work hardest. It shows the area of life that will create the frustrating ambivalence of wanting and yet not wanting the life content associated with that house.The Aspects Saturn received from the other planets at the moment of your birth can either be inhibiting or stabilising – they should not be ignored.
The Moon Rules the Sign of Cancer
In a Natal Chart the Moon represents your instincts and intuition and how you relate to women. The Moon falling in a man's 7th house can indicate more than one wife.
The Sign in which the Moon resided at the time of your birth shows how you react instinctively; how you respond to your surroundings; the way you seek security and protection; your sense of family; how you nurture and look for emotional sustenance. It will also indicate elements of your personality you inherited from your parents. Inherited characteristics may be resisted but they are still powerful - and understanding your emotional reactions can contribute to your psychological development.  The House the Moon occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you will find nurture; where you find sanctuary from life's difficulties; where you look for a sense of inner security; natural-born talents that are rarely remarked upon.  The Moon's activities are strengthened by positive aspects from the Sun and your ruling planet, however the more aspects the Moon receives from other planets in your chart, the greater its prominence in the overall horoscope.
Uranus Rules the Sign of Aquarius
In a Natal Chart Uranus' influence is generational, affecting people born within the same 7-year period.
The Sign Uranus occupied at the time of your birth shows how you deal with outmoded patterns of behaviour; your aptitude for radical thought and action; your readiness to rock the boat; the urge to break free; your vision of the future.The House Uranus occupied at the time of your birth shows in what area of life you seek freedom of expression; where you can open up to the need for change; where you tend to deviate from the norm; where your rebellious streak can cause most disruption.The Aspects Uranus received from the other planets at the moment of your birth signifies how this rebelliousness manifests itself in you.
The Sun Rules the Sign of Leo

In a Natal Chart the Sun represents your vitality, creativity  and self-expression (how others see you) and how you relate to men. The planet symbolises an endless journey - the voyage of self-discovery; only here, the struggle is an internal one in which the Sun, representing your awakening consciousness, wrestles with the darkness of the unconscious elements of the psyche. It is essentially, a symbol of destiny and represents a lifetime's quest to discover our true potential.
The Sign the Sun occupied at the time of your birth indicates your sense of identity; your level of self-confidence and vitality; your will and purpose in life; your conscious self-expression and your blind spots.The House the Sun occupied at the time of your birth shows the area in life you seek to establish your identity; where you can shine; your creative nature; where you look for recognition and which area you will put your heart into. The Aspects the Sun received from other planets at the time of your birth show how the Sun's influence expresses itself in you.
Neptune Rules the Sign of Pisces
In a Natal Chart Neptune's influence is generational, affecting all who were born in the same 14-year period.
The Sign Neptune occupied at the time of your birth shows how you set out to fulfill your dreams; how you open your perceptions to other realities; your capacity for self-deception; how you seek to escape from what disenchants you most.The House Neptune occupied at the time of your birth shows in what areas of life you seek to transcend mundane reality; where you seek inspiration; where you are most likely to experience disillusionment; where your ego is most fragile.The Aspects Neptune received at the time of your birth are not as important as the primary planets, as Neptune's effect is generational.

In 1977 the discovery of a celestial body orbiting between Saturn and Uranus took all-star gazers by surprise. Chiron, as it became known, is a small world still defying an accurate astronomical label. First it was thought to be an asteroid, then a planetoid and at present is considered as a comet. However astronomers eventually define it, within the discipline of astrology it is a planet. The word planet comes from the Greek word "to wander" and refers to anything that moves against the backdrop of fixed stars.
There has been no "official" determination of what horoscope sign it would rule, though the two most popular contenders are Virgo and Sagittarius. In the personal astrology chart, Chiron represents the way that we have a healing influence on others. This is rarely in terms of physical healing, though it can be. More likely, this will represent emotional, mental or spiritual healing. Chiron's energy forms a bridge between Saturn and Uranus in the astrology chart. Frequently it will indicate an area of deep cultural repression, combined with an almost electric need to rebel against that repression. Often, the area of repression is representative of a soul wound of some sort, which we must learn to heal.

Planets move at different speeds. This forms different interactions (called aspects) between the planets.Two planets 120 degrees apart are considered trine or good, 90 degrees apart are considered adverse. There are so many possible combinations that no two people are exactly alike. That is why a birth chart of an individual is necessary to find the influences upon them.

Astrologers start with the birth chart or natal chart, which maps the basic energy field of an individual.The natal chart is the description of a seed or a new bud, reborn after a journey into other dimensions. The date, time and place of birth are all needed to calculate a person's birth chart. This information is used to look up the exact position of the planets using an ephemeris. The chart is then set using this information. The ephemeris is used by astronomers, as well as by astrologers.

Here is a sample Natal or Birth Chart:

To get back to the basic philosophy of astrology, your birth wasn't an accident, it was planned. Although you might assume you didn't choose to be born, you did from a standpoint of the soul. Your horoscope shows the Cosmic hand of cards you picked up.
How you play those cards is up to you. You can play them carelessly, or you play them well. Astrology shows you how to understand the hand you have been dealt. Astrology can also explain the planetary energy behind the timing of your life so you can make the most of your available opportunities. In this way, you can make better choices and perhaps save yourself some hard time and grief.

Astrology is about energies. We don't completely understand why planetary bodies have an effect upon us. All things are a physical form of energy ,and we would be affected by the energetic fields around us. The Moon affects the tides, and that Solar flares effect the electromagnetic fields around the Earth, which in turn, affects all forms of communication.
The planetary and solar bodies moving through space radiate powerful energy fields that travel through space to affect all matter they pass through. The energies impacting Earth at the time we are born stamp us with certain potentials that are unique to each of us. Astrology offers an understanding of how the energy of the universe has shaped our bodies, minds, and emotions.

Astrology considers the variations of the energies coming from the planets, which focus the energies of the constellation that forms the backdrop for them. Each planet's energy is modified by the others. The constellations contribute their own special energies to an individual's personality. A constellation can include quasars, pulsars, black holes, and an assortment of other things, unknown to us. Each is different, making their influences unique to each one. It is through the angle of the relationships of planets, that act to modify the energies traveling between them that effect the individual. Astrology clarifies what each configuration describes as the pattern that the individual will live out their lives. Astrologers have gathered this data over many thousands of years of observation.